Japan Itinerary

The famous Hachiko Statue at Shinjuku, Tokyo

On November 15-22nd 2018, I went to Japan with my friends. We bought the plane ticket  ( Cathay Pacific ) on travel fair in April 2018, so let’s say we fully prepared, right? ^^ We bought the ticket departured from Jakarta ( CGK ) – trasit in Hong Kong – Narita Airport, Tokyo Japan and went back from Kansai Airport, Osaka Japan to Jakarta ( CGK ). It took at least 8 hours from Jakarta to Japan. ( Jakarta – Hong Kong 4 hours, Hong Kong –  Tokyo 4 hours ).

Tips and What you need to prepare before your trip to Japan

  • Itinerary

It would be nice if we prepare our itinerary well. The itinerary starts from how long you will spend in there, what accomodation you booked and what transportation you choose, which sightseeing spot want to go, how to get there and how much time you need until you arrive at that spot. After that, buy your plane ticket on your selected date and then continue to add it to your itinerary list. Look for plane ticket that will be match with  itinerary you have arranged.

  • Visa + Passport

          I applied for regular visa because I still use regular passport. Actually there is a visa waiver or visa free that has been granted by the Japanese government to Indonesian citizens. In addition to the manufacturing process which is faster than ordinary visas, documents that need to be prepared for visa applications are even simpler. Visa waiver can only be applied for those who already have E-passport.

  • WiFi

         Don’t forget to rent pocket WiFi so can still connected to the internet which can help you searching your current location and direction so you will not lost in Japan. Hahaha . We rented it from Wifi Republic. At first, the connection is so slow and not stable.. but after we complained to their employee by WhatsApp, it became stable again. ( thank you for the quick responed ! )


  • Book accommodation

We booked our accommodation from AirBnb to get affordable price. I went to Japan with 6 of my friends ( consist of 4 women and 3 men ), so it will be nice if we could spent the night together not separated by rooms. ( but of course still women in one side and men in the other side ahahaha ).

  • JRPass

         JRPass is the first choice for tourist who have plan to visit Japan. With this one card, you can save more budget for transportation by using JR train to move from one station to another depends on your destination. I bought this JRPass online at Klook for about IDR 3,8K for 7 days. When you finished fulfill your personal data at their form and purchased it, a couple days later they will sent you Exchange Order document that you must exchange for the real JRPass card at Narita Airport.


  • Adapter

          Here’s the adapter type that used in Japan.


  • Check the weather temperature

        Before your trip, don’t forget to check the weather temperature so you can prepare the right clothes to packed. I went to Japan in November and the weather temperature is amoung 9-15 Celcius degree. I packed some hitech clothes, long pants, socks and thick coat. I forgot the gloves and mask, but you don’t need to worry guys..cause you can buy those things at Japan mini market.

  • Money in Japan currency ( Yen )