Japanese Ice Cream Flavors


There are so many unique ice cream flavors in Japan that you should try. I’ve tried some of them when I went to Japan and I’m going to list it to you from my favorite one.

1.Whale Shark soft ice cream ( ¥ 400 yen )


It’s Ramune ( Japanese soda ) flavor and vanilla. You can buy it in Café which located in the middle of Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan floor plan. The ice cream color is so interesting, right? Deep blue and white with sprinkle sugar on it  make such a good impression for me. I loved the sweetness of soda combined with vanilla makes the taste not too sweet.

2.  Greentea Soymilk ice cream ( ¥ 350 yen )


I bought it at Nishiki Market, Kyoto. I like the combination between greentea with soymilk better rather than greentea with vanilla. It taste more denser than soft ice cream.

3.  Greentea & Vanilla ice cream ( ¥ 350 yen )


I love their greentea ice cream taste and aroma. It’s not too strong and the texture is creamy. I bought it at Shirakawa-Go when I took a visited there.

4.  Black ice cream ( ¥ 340 yen )


The taste is a bit sour like berries. Actually, in Owukudani you can try 3 unique different ice cream variant. ( black ice cream, wasabi ice cream, and egg ice cream ). At that time, I had no time to try egg ice cream. ( Sorry guys I can’t review and share you that one.. )

5. Pablo mini twist ( ¥ 500 yen )


I bought it at Shin Sai Bashi – Suji, Osaka. It’s vanilla ice cream with mini cheese tart. The ice cream taste is standard, but I like their cheese tart. The regular price is ¥ 570 yen, if you bring your passport you can get special price for ¥ 500 yen.

6. Tofu & Milk softcream ( ¥ 380 yen )

It taste the same as soymilk ice cream. The other one combine with greentea make it taste more delicious, but this original soymilk ice cream I don’t really like it. Maybe you can try it by your own and make a comparison between them. Hmm..Which one is better, guys? Share me your experience ^^ I also bought this ice cream at Nishiki Market, Kyoto.

7. Wasabi ice cream ( ¥ 340 yen )


Can you imagine how it taste?? At first, it looks like greentea ice cream, right? I mistook it as greentea ice cream and bought that ( T_T ) It taste really weird..and yeahh of course it taste like wasabi. I don’t like this ice cream variant until I asked my friend to finished it..

That’s all for the ice cream list and review in Japan. There are still many unique ice cream variant that I didn’t try it yet, like egg ice cream, peach ice cream, sweet potato ice cream, etc. I hope next year I can go back to Japan again. So, please stay update to my blog and thank you for reading! ^^


All Photos taken by : @i.am.foodexplorer ( Instagram )

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